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Recent heightened awareness of school violence has led to a public interest in conflict resolution education. Although exposure to this appreach is new to many, it is built on the efforts of many educators, researchers, and activists who have been encouraging peaceful schools and conflict resolution education for years. One of the largest obstacles to widespread conflict resolution education is access to educational materials that allow well-minded teachers who are not specifically educated in conflict resolution to teach these skills to their students?

In addition, there is a need for teachers and professors well-versed in conflict resolution education to have a forum in which they can exchange materials to improve their own teaching and get new ideas.

To meet these needs, the Conflict Resolution Education Clearinghouse Project supports the creation and maintainence of the Conflict Resolution Education Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse will collect educational materials including, but not limited to, lesson plans, syllabi, and classroom exercises.

TRI Independent Associates will assist in the creation of the Clearinghouse.

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