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The desire for peace and an end to violent and destructive conflict is not new. Many people have gone before us, testing and trying many ways to discourage violence in others and create a more peaceful world system. In addition to allowing us to learn from the mistakes of the past, the preservation and distribution of texts relating to our efforts for peace will provide an important grounding for contemporary and future peace thought.

The Historic Peace Archive Project supports the creation of the Historic Peace Archive, an Internet-based, searchable, full-text repository for documents relating to the search for peace. The Archive is concerned with two types of documents:

  • Books, pamphlets, speeches, letters, etc. from individual thinkers relating to peace.
  • Documentary materials generated by peace organizations and movements, especially those no longer in existence.

The Archive will make available material not otherwise accessible on the Internet. It will be an invaluable teaching and resource tool as well as a guide for peace activists today.

The Archive will be compiled through the efforts of the TRI staff with the assistance of our Independent Associates.

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