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E.P. Thompson and European Nuclear Disarmament (END): A Critical Retrospective

The Impossibility of Schengen: A Multi-Level Game Analysis of the State of Refugees and Asylum in the European Union

The Indian National Project: Failures and Successes

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Focus on Children's Conflict Resolution Education:

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  • Children as Peacemakers, by Esther Sokolov Fine, Ann Lacey, and Joan Baer
  • Free the Children! Conflict Education for Strong and Peaceful Minds, by Susan Gingras Fitzell
  • Theatre for Conflict Resolution: In the Classroom and Beyond, by Particia Sternberg
  • Theatre for Community, Conflict, and Dialog: The Hope Is Vital Training Manual, by Michael Rohd

Reviews in Brief:

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  • Culture and Conflict Resolution, by Kevin Avruch
  • New Wine & Old Bottles, by Jean Bethke Elshtain
  • Restoring Justice, by Daniel Van Ness and Karen Heetderks Strong
  • The Nuremberg Fallacy, by Eugene Davidson

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