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Kosovo: Contending Voices on Balkan Interventions

Edited by William J. Buckley

Eerdmans Publishing. July 2000

Kosovo: Contending Voices on Balkan InterventionsIn Kosovo: Contending Voices on Balkan Interventions, editor William J. Buckley has assembled an impressive selection of articles dealing with the Kosovo conflict and third-party response.

The book is structured into seven sections, each providing a different perspective on the conflict. Buckley was careful to balance firsthand accounts with academic approaches and comments from political figures active in the conflict and its resolution.

Within the sections, the articles were chosen to provide a dialectic analysis of the Kosovo question, and the variety of well-argued viewpoints come as something of a surprise for anyone whose knowledge of the situation is primarily derived from the mainstream media.

The diversity of contributors is exceptional. Buckley has gathered statements from political leaders such as Slobodan Milosivic, Kofi Annan, and Vaclav Havel; peacekeeping and military leaders such as General Wesley K. Clark and Javier Solona; foreign policy experts such as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski; and thinkers as disparate as Jurgen Habermas and Jean Bethke Elshtain. Along with these outside perspectives, Buckley included a diverse selection of Balkan contributors. The result is a book that succeeds in giving each perspective an opportunity to be heard.

This book should become required reading for any class addressing the Kosovo conflict and is well suited for even general conflict and conflict resolution courses, since it shows the complexity of any large ethnic conflict and provides a variety of solutions. Buckley is to be commended for assembling such a well-rounded and comprehensive volume.

Table of Contents
William Joseph Buckley


What Have Persons Experienced Firsthand?

A Tale from Prishtina
Flora Keirnendi

Belgrade Sisters under Siege: Excerpts from the War Diary of Ivanka Besevic
Ivanka and Olga Besevic

"My Father Was Burned Alive": Testimonies from Kosovo Refugees
Sevdije Ahrneti

Diary of a Refugee Camp Doctor
Fokko de Vries

Blackbirds: Experiences of a Refugee Camp Worker
David Holdridge

Eudgame in Kosovo: Ethnic Cleansing and American Amnesia
Mark Danner

The Milosevic Generation
Blame Harden


What Is the Historical and Cultural Context?

A Brief History of Serbia
Tim Judah

Kosovo, the Illusive State
Miranda Vickers

Reinventing Skenderbeg: Albanian Nationalism and NATO Neocolonialism
Fatos Lubonja

A History of the Kosovo Liberation Army
Tim Judah

What Is Eastern Christianity? The Christian East: Unity and Diversity
Kallistos Ware

Muslim Identity and Ethnicity in the Balkans
Hugh Poulton

Serbs and Muslims in the Distorted Mirror of the Yugoslav Crisis
Darko Tanaskovic

Vuk's Knife: Kosovo, the Serbian Golgotha, and the Radicalization of Serbian Society
Michael A. Sells

Kosovo's Parallel Society: The Successes and Failures of Nonviolence
Denisa Kostovicova

Balkan Diaspora I: The Albanian-American Community
Fron Nazi

Balkan Diaspora II: The History and Future of the Serbian Community in America
Nick Vucinich

The Balkans: From Invention to Intervention
Maria Todorova


What Do People from the Region Think?


Portrait of a People
Ismail Kadare

Kosova: A Place Where the Dead Speak
Baton Haxhiu

Conflict and Empowerment
Aferdita Kelmendi

Because Kosovars Are Western, There Can Be No Homeland Without a State
Blerim Shala

Hashim Thaqi


Now That We Have Lost This Little World War: A Message for Slobodan Milosevic
Dobrica Cosic

Not Exactly New Hampshire: A Short Survey of Contemporary Serbian Politics
Dejan Anastasijevic

How to Solve the Kosovo Problem
Zoran Djindjic

Fascism, Feminist Resistance, and the Kosovo Crisis
Zarana Papic


What Do Authorities Say?

Fresh Cause for Hope at the Opening of the New Century
NATO Secretary General Javier Solana

The Effectiveness of the International Rule of Law in Maintaining International Peace and Security
Kofi Annan

Winning the Peace: America's Goals in Kosovo
Morton H. Halperin

Not Losing Sight of Justice: Ethically Evaluating Kosovo
William Joseph Buckley

Address to the Senate and the House of Commons of the Parliament of Canada
Vaclav Havel

Winning Peace: The Vatican on Kosovo
Archbishop Jean-Louis Tauran

The Strength of an Alliance
General Wesley K. Clark

The Strength of an Argument
William Joseph Buckley

Two Roads Diverged, and We Took the One Less Traveled: Just Recourse to War and the Kosovo Intervention
Martin L. Cook

Interview with Slobodan Milosevic
Arnaud de Borchgrave

The KLA Brought NATO to Kosova
Hashim Thaqi


How Is the Intervention Debated?

Kosovo and the Vicissitudes of American Foreign Policy
Henry Kissinger

Bestiality and Humanity: A War on the Border between Law and Morality
Jurgen Habermas

Get Serious About Kosovo
Zbigniew Brzezinski

Michael Walzer

Debating Kosovo: An Exchange
Robert Skidelsky and Michael Ignatieff

Why the Balkans Demand Amorality
Robert D. Kaplan

Give War a Chance
Edward N. Luttwak

Force and Humanitarian Intervention: The Case of Kosovo
David Little


How Is the Crisis Ethically and Religiously Evaluated?

Kosovo and the Just-War Tradition
Jean Bethke Elshtain

The Ethno-Religious Challenge to Global Order
Mark Juergensmeyer

The Former Yugoslavia: A Warning Example for World Peace, a Challenge for World Churches
Hans Kung

Kosovo Crisis Contexts: Nationalism, Milosevic, and the Serbian Orthodox Church
Stanley Samuel Harakas

Legitimation, Justification, and the Politics of Rescue
Richard B. Miller

Kosovo: A War of Values and the Values of War
Brian Hehir

A Pacifist Response to Ethnic Cleansing
James W. Douglass

On Giving the Devil the Benefit of Law in Kosovo
Nigel Biggar

Kosovo: The Ethics of Heaven, Earth, and Hell
Gabriel Fackre


What Issues Must Be Faced?

The Protectorate
Timothy Garton Ash

"Peacekeeping" in Kosovo: Mission Impossible?
Julie Menus

Montenegro Pushes for Statehood
Janusz Bugajski

Some Reflections beneath the Bombs in Belgrade
Svetozar Stojanovic

Should Kosovo-Metohia Remain a Part of Serbia/Yugoslavia: A Plea for a Just Solution
Slobodan Samardzic

Why Kosova Should Be Independent
Shkelzen Maliqi

Religious Dynamics in Kosovo and the Potential for Cooperation
William F. Vendley and James L. Cairns

Kosova and the Transition of the Century
Veton Surroi

Why Try?
Martha Minow

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