Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution 1.5

ADR Report. Published biweekly by Pike and Fischer, a subsidiary of the Bureau of National Affairs.

Carol L. Eoannou, Managing Editor; David B. Fialkoff, Contributing Editor; Bill Burton, Contributing Editor; and Robert E. Emeritz, Executive Editor.

Available in print or through email. $245 per year.

The ADR Report: News and Strategies for Alternative Dispute Resolution Practitioners is a biweekly newsletter which focuses on legal and procedural innovations in the field of alternative dispute resolution. Although the intended audience seems to be attorneys who also practice ADR, the Report is written to be accessible to anyone with some background in the field.

Each issue is twelve pages long and contains a variety of resources. The first section examines significant legislative and judicial developments at the state and national levels in the United States. News is both reported and analyzed, providing insight into expectations of future trends and prospects.

A second section, "ADR Status Call," reports on national court cases and legislation. Following this is "Strategies and Techniques," which examines questions relating to mediation and arbitration administration and performance. A welcome addition to this section is "Joint Sessions," which invites arbitrators and mediators to send in interesting cases or situations for which suggestions for action are printed in the next issue. This interplay between practitioners with different experiences and backgrounds proves helpful.

Next is "Legal Developments," which looks specifically at court cases which effect ADR practice. Not only are the cases briefly described, but summaries of both positions are also given. Finally, the Report lists relevant announcements in the field, including training opportunities, conferences, awards, and personnel changes.

It may seem that this is a lot of information to fit into the biweekly newsletter format, but the articles and briefs are both topical and concise. The ADR Report is an invaluable resource for serious practitioners of ADR and is the best and most up-to-date source for legal developments in the field.

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