Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution 2.1

March 1999

ISSN 1522-211X

Table of Contents

Images of Conflict and Peace

Saliba Sarsar & John Raby

UNPREDEP in Macedonia: Achievements and Limits of Preventive Diplomacy

Biljana Vankovska-Cvetkovska

Psychosocial Dynamics of the Armed Conflict in Colombia

Camilo A. Azcarate


Chapter 1 History

Chapter 2 Analysis

Chapter 3 Dispute Resolution



Identity Shift and Europe's Changing Perception of Others: Europe, Turkey, and the Issue of Self-Identification

Penelope D. Safioleas

Peace Through Coercion: The Effect of Foreign Military Intervention on Democratization and War

David Reilly

The Spitfire Grill: Nonviolence as Social Power

Ellen W. Gorsevski

The Partners for Peace - Jerusalem Women Speak tour: A Case Study in Affecting Public Opinion

Peter Wirth

Biographies for the contributors.

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