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Issue advocacy has changed. It is no longer feasible for individuals or groups in a particular country to pursue their peace-related goals as if in a vacuum. The creation of what have been called "transnational advocacy networks" is the activistic equivalent of the move from a local to a global economy. The creation of new information and telecommunication technology has allowed communication between far-flung individuals to be more inexpensive, less time-consuming, and simpler. It is up to us to use these resources to their full extent.

In addition, research has shown the value of cross-cutting ties in diffusing conflict. Cross-cutting ties occur when individuals become members in formal or informal groups that reach beyond their ethnic group or country. These organizations can be as varied as a soccer club, a professional membership group, or children's scouting. The point is that when a conflict begins to flare up, these individuals tend to try to reduce the destructiveness and length of it.

With this in mind, it is clear the impact a cross-cutting, transnational group could have if its focus was peace itself. A group with members on both sides of a conflict (and third parties performing a variety of roles) should be more effective than singular groups on either side. The 19th Century international anti-slavery movement serves as a good example.

The PeaceWorker Database is needed to facilitate the communication and collaboration between individuals and groups who would not otherwise work together. The Directory is necessary to do the same with information about peace and our attempts to achieve it.

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