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The Tabula Rasa Institute understands that it is not alone in its desire for a world without violent conflict, one in which we can resolve those conflicts that do arise efficiently and for the benefit of all. Many other individuals and groups are working around the world for these same goals. It is because of this that TRI is working to create the PeaceWorker Database and Directory.

One of the obstacles facing thinkers and activists actively striving for peace is that they are often working without the input, suggestions, and collaboration of others. If we were able to create a network of PeaceWorkers, communicating around the world, we can only expect to improve the results of our individual efforts.

Fortunately, the structure for a global network of academics, professionals, and activists already exists: the Internet. What is needed is a resource with which we can locate and communicate with each other most efficiently and effectively.

The PeaceWorker Database and Directory Project will create two interrelated, yet independent, searchable resources for PeaceWorkers everywhere. The first will be the PeaceWorker Directory, a listing of organizations and useful web resources that will be the most comprehensive of its kind available.

The listings in the Directory will be the starting point for the PeaceWorker Database, a searchable listing of people who are working for peace. These listings will include valuable contact information as well as interests, affiliations, and activities. Unlike other databases in the field, this will not only be a listing of "experts" in particular subfields, it will include academics, governmental and nongovernmental employees, students, teachers, activists, and anyone with a desire to be included and an desire for peace.

Suggest a site for the PeaceWorker Directory

Enter yourself in the PeaceWorker Database

Search the PeaceWorker Database (not currently available. We hope to have the Database operational as soon as possible.)

Learn more about the Peaceworker Database Project


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