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We are seeking text in two separate categories.

First, we are looking for materials generated by individual thinkers about the need for peace, methods of achieving peace, and so on. As an example, one of the first texts that will be included is Hugo Grotius' The Laws of War and Peace, from 1625.

Second, we seek documentary material generated by organizations that have worked for peace. These could be position papers, newsletters, pamphlets, editorials, meeting notes, correspondence, etc. Emphasis will be placed on material from organizations that no longer exist or have no plan to put this material on the Internet.

We are not seeking to violate any copyrights. Although most historical documents are in the public domain, more recent individual or group writing may be protected by copyright. We will only publish this material with the permission of the copyright holder.

We are also not interested in material that is freely available elsewhere on the Internet. Our goal is to provide content that is not otherwise available. If another organization has gone to the time and effort to convert a document, we are much better served using ours to add to this effort, not duplicate it.

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